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Grave Pricing Mar. 27, 2019
1 - Grave Site/Plot* $1,250.00
2 - Grave Sites/Plots - purchased at same time* $2,300.00
Family Estate Site/Plot (6 Graves)*# $6,000.00
Infant Grave (up to 36" casket) - on next available infant plot $500.00

*1 Burial & 1 Cremated Human Remains or 2 Cremated Human Remains. #Payment Terms Available

Niche Pricing  
Niche - Row A (Ground Level) $1,000.00
Niche - Row B $1,150.00
Niche - Row C $1,300.00
Niche - Row D (Top Level) $1,400.00

Note: 5% discount on 6 niche group purchased at same time (1 urn per niche – cannot exceed 9.5”H x 9.5”W x 12”D)

Preservation Fees (Payment due at purchase of plot)
Preservation fund per grave/niche (due at purchase of plot) $500.00
Infant plot preservation fees $250.00

2 Full Burials on 1 Grave Site/Plot Requires Add’ l $500 Preservation Fee

Interment/Inurment Fees
(Monday-Friday until 2:00PM)
Cremated human remains in grave/niche (with proper urn vault) $500.00
Second Right Internment Fee $250.00
Full burial single depth / grave opening $1,000.00
Baby Grave $400.00
Grave (casket or urn)/niche opening M-F after 2 pm surcharge $100/hr add'l
Grave (casket or urn)/niche opening Saturday until 12 pm - surcharge*
*$100.00 per hour afterwards.
Holiday Surcharge $500.00
Frost Charge (Nov. 1st through March 15th) as Needed $125.00

Niche Engraving  
Single Name $480.00
Two names at once $600.00
Additional DOD $200.00

Late Payment Fee  
Monthly $50.00

Grave Monument Foundation/Permit:  
Cost per square inch $1.0

Will be placed on a cement foundation

Copy of COIR/transfer ownership fee  
Copy of COIR/transfer ownership fee $50.00